Enshrouded within beautiful darkness,
An assassin by right
Claimed order within chaos,
A creature of the night

Stole the wings of Hermes,
To take my final flight
But your stars threw down their spears,
And I could not abandon your plight.

Was that the ultimate crime,
For which you made me such?
I was only a man
A man who knew too much.

Amidst the musings of Fate,
Had you proved you had a heart
Extended your hand,
I would have played my part

But you shattered me into a million pieces,
Which they carried off in a cheap cart
Like I had come to this world,
Alone, I now must depart.

I rebuilt myself in stone, heartless,
And shall always remember who made me such
For I am only a man
A man who once cared too much.